Biblical Blueprints

Biblical Blueprints is a Christian non-profit organization reforming the world by serving leaders and publishing writings that apply the Bible's commands to family, church, and culture.

International missions

Pastor Kayser periodically meets with church leaders in restricted countries to offer leadership training, worldview training, and theological training.

Church ministry

Pastor Kayser has spoken at over 50 conferences in the last 10+ years, such as the National Council of Family Integrated Churches conference and the Generations Shepherds Conference. He also helps churches and church plants with problem solving.

Leadership mentoring

At any given time, Pastor Kayser mentors about a half-dozen men, providing training they can't get at seminary.

He meets with them individually for 1-2 hours every week, working through a curriculum of theology designed to equip them to be leaders.

Biblical resources

Kayser Commentary

Blog posts, booklets, an extensive library of sermon transcripts, and other written resources.

The Revelation Project

The companion resource to Pastor Kayser's multi-year sermon series on Revelation.


Pastor Kayser's books on theology and practical application of the Bible are available as downloadable ebooks and to read online.