About Us

About Us

Biblical Blueprints is a Christian ministry driven by passion for God’s glory, confidence in God’s Word, dependence upon God’s grace, and faith in God’s plans. Our vision is to find and lay out the Bible’s blueprints so they can be applied by individuals, families, churches, and nations. We do this through research, writing, literature distribution, leadership training, coaching, and teaching. Our goal is to equip Christians with God’s blueprints for life so they will live for His glory.

God the Architect
The Bible provides practical principles to help us deal with every aspect of life – blueprints that construct our view of the world, our culture, our families, and ourselves. Too many of us have not been exposed to the practical blueprints given in the Bible. Others think that Christianity is irrelevant to “real” life when, in fact, the Bible speaks to all of life, giving us counsel in areas as broad as economics and politics and as personal as marriage and educating children.

Personal Growth
Scripture is sufficient to thoroughly equip believers for every good work. Christians don’t need secular psychology, worldly wisdom, or legalistic formulas to grow in grace. We need God’s lamp for our feet and light for our path. We need God’s living, powerful, sharp sword. We need God’s Word, accurately understood and applied.

“The booklets have been such a help in my growth in Christlikeness. I have found them to be a great place to start for accessing in simple language what the Bible has to say on so many issues.”

Family Renewal
Today’s families need renewal. 91% percent of Christian teens leave the church by the time they graduate from college. The divorce rate among Christians is no different than society at-large. Families are spiritually starving in the vacuum left by fathers who don’t lead. Biblical Blueprints’ passion is to counsel families how to apply the Bible to real life issues. We all see the problems around us—do we despair? No. We know that the Bible is sufficient and God’s grace is effective. Christians who are discipled in Biblical blueprints for the family are thrilled to see the life-changing and practical results.

“Having been a single parent for five years, I found the message and teaching of Biblical Blueprints to contain the principles needed for effective life change and successful living. I am so thankful for Christian leaders who apply the Bible to all areas of life, and the life our family enjoys because of it.”

Church Revival
Today’s church needs revival. 80% of church plants in America fail and 33% of pastors feel like quitting. Often the church unwittingly works against family unity with the proliferation of specialized programs. Overall the church bears a striking resemblance to the world.

Biblical Blueprints’ passion is to see the church holy and effective. Domestically, we partner experienced pastoral coaches with those needing hope and help. Internationally, we are joining with local organizations to train new and veteran ministers. These pastors are hungry for the theological, leadership, and worldview training we offer.

“Your ministry … was an invaluable resource.”

“You have made a big impact on the Indian church.”

“Thank ‘u’ a billion times for your input & partnership in India!”

Cultural Transformation
Today’s cultures need transformation. China and India are well on their way to becoming Christian majority countries. But do Christians there know how to run a business, engage in civics, implement economics, etc. from a Biblical perspective? America is fast becoming a post-Christian nation because Christians have abandoned the Bible’s blueprints for mathematics, science, history, counseling, economics, politics, and virtually every area of life. Christ has called His people to disciple all nations and teach them everything He commanded. This call of Christ is the passionate drive behind what we do. We are training leaders to train others in the comprehensive worldview presented in the Scriptures. The next generation’s leaders are being shaped today.

“Praise God for sending you to India!”

“We are blessed by all your efforts in Jesus. Thanks.”

We work to see all people apply the Bible to all of life and be blessed!