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2011 Courtship Conference

Published Date: June 1, 2015

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In 2011, Dominion Covenant Church hosted a courtship conference with two goals in mind:


(1) Stirring the families of the church up with a Biblical vision of the place and importance of marriage in God’s plan of creation, providence, redemption, and glory.

(2) Clarifying the Biblical parameters that define the boundaries of courtship, so that families will be liberated from the commands of men and thus invigorated to pursue it with God-honoring confidence and joy.


The conference was not designed as an argument for the courtship model itself, or as a how-to guide for what to do. Rather, it was aimed primarily at those who are already convinced that the recreational dating model does not honor parental authority and is contrary to Scriptural wisdom on decision-making and guarding the heart.



The Eternal Purposes of Marriage

Pastor James Hakim gets things started by proclaiming God’s purpose and design for marriage from the Bible. Understanding this helps us see why the way we enter into marriage is important.

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Biblical Philosophy of Finding a Spouse

Pastor Phillip Kayser explains the Biblical principles for finding a spouse. There is much liberty in applying these principles and there are many Scripturally approved models of how courtship can begin and proceed.

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The Redemptive Practice of Marriage

Pastor James Hakim demonstrates from Scripture that God has placed marriage at the center of His plan of redemption, and that Satan accordingly has made marriage a primary focus of his attacks. With so much at stake, it is inconceivable that Christians would think about proceeding toward marriage on their own timetables and in their own ways. Instead, we should be actively fostering, pursuing, and forging marriages in the church–and doing so as Biblically, wisely, and excellently as possible.

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Practical Issues in Finding a Spouse

Pastor Phillip Kayser takes us to Scripture, especially to 1 Thessalonians 4, to identify the Biblical parameters that must inform all of the nitty-gritty decisions we may make in the course of a courtship.

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What is Your Responsibility? and Q&A

Pastor Rodney Swab explains the responsibilities of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters in a courtship. This is followed by a time of questions and answers.

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